– Beatriz Chalas

"I was looking for natural perfection and I got it!
Dr. Harnois changed my life when he gave me the smile I’ve always wanted. My family and closest friends cannot believe that I have ten LUMINEERS on my teeth because they look so natural and thin. After going through Invisalign for six months, my upper front teeth were still overlapping.  My teeth were moving very slowly and I was tired of wearing those plastic trays every day and night.  So I decided to look for other options to fix my smile. When Dr. Harnois explained to me that I could have a natural white and straight smile in three weeks without having to cut down my teeth, I was sold immediately.  The whole process was very pleasant.  We decided that I would get ten LUMINEERS because I show my back teeth when I smile and to correct my crossed bite. Then he smoothed down the bumps of my front teeth so the LUMINEERS could fit naturally. When the LUMINEERS were custom made, he tried them over my teeth before the placement day to make sure I liked their shape and color. Once I approved the LUMINEERS, Dr. Harnois proceeded to apply them over my teeth. He was very detail oriented and gentle during the procedure. I was impressed with his talents and abilities to create a natural looking smile.  He focused on accomplishing exactly what I wanted and I’m so happy with my results! Now I smile with great confidence, my new smile has changed my life and the way I feel about myself. LUMINEERS have not only made me look my best but have strengthened my worn and chipped teeth permanently.”