– Howie

"Dear Dr. Harnois:
I took a chance and it worked out wonderfully.
My wife had been encouraging me for years to improve my looks by having my teeth capped. Never bothered me, but it bothered her. I didn’t like the thought of having my teeth ground down, as was done to her.  So I saw an ad in a magazine (I never respond to ads for personal services), but you and your smile looked so assuring, I called to make an exploratory appointment. Of course, in the interim I did learn one of my contacts was your patient, and very satisfied with her veneers. You were so professional, and quite charming and reassuring, that I asked you to proceed.   I feel great – and my wife says I look great too. Thank you for providing me with such a major life change (makes me feel 15 years younger), at quite modest a cost!