Velscope Oral Cancer Screening


Your Life Smiles – Chicago’s Newest Oral Cancer Screening Center

We now have a new safe and effective way to perform the only FDA approved Oral Cancer Screening for our patients. The American Institute of Cancer recommends that all dental patients have this safe and effective exam once per year. You will have the results of the test immediately.

  • Velscope is the only system with full FDA approval.
  • The safe blue light source we use allows us to see things we could not see before with the naked eye, there is no radiation or side effects from this exam.  The Velscope looks like a hand held flashlight.
  • Although most cancer rates are declining, oral cancer is only one of three that is on the rise.
  • Oral cancer attacks 3 times as many people as cervical cancer. Many of the oral cancer victims are non-smokers. Alcohol use is a contributor along with being sexually active, history of cancer in your family and stress.
  • Oral cancer is dramatically rising in women, young people and non-smokers, both men and women.
  • Testing is completely safe – Early detection saves lives.
  • The bad news…When discovered in late stages, the 5-year survival rate is only 22%.
  • The good news….When  discovered in the early stages the survival rate leaps to 80% or higher
  • Recent research has now demonstrated a strong link between oral cancer and the Human Papiloma Virus

Regular exams and early detection save lives!