• I am very happy with my new smile and very pleased with the entire experience in your office. It was great from the 1st appointment until the very last one.
    I would strongly recommend the procedure to anybody who wants to improve not only their appearance but also their way of life.
    It only takes 4 appointments (including the whitening), it’s not expensive ( my regular doctor…..I found out this weekend that he also does this….would have charged me 30% more for the Non-prep veneers and it did not include the whitening) and you get great results, as long as you go the best doctor.”

    Best regards,

    -Nicole Nicolaie

  • Words cannot describe how the Lumineers have changed my self image. I am 56 and for the first time in 45 years, I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Dr. Harnois and the staff at Your Lifesmiles have given me something to smile about, for the rest of my life. I recommend this very simple and painless procedure to anyone who wants the confidence that comes with a million dollar smile..”

    – James

  • I have never been overly concerned with my smile, but with Dr. Harnois’ advice, I was able to make my smile more appealing. I also strengthened and protected my teeth with LUMINEERS, ensuring a great looking smile for the rest of my life.”

    – Bill Miller

  • “I choose Lumineers for my smile makeover because of its homeopathic nature. I didn’t even have to take an aspirin before, during or after the Lumineers placement.  I feel great; my LUMINEERS feel like my natural teeth and look so much better. I fully trusted Dr. Harnois in my smile makeover. He has more experience in Lumineers than anybody in the country and educates and trains other dentist on how to properly place them. He also offers an unprecedented 10 year warranty on Lumineers.”

    – Ivan Rusilko, Mister USA 2008

  • “Dear Dr Harnois,
    I smile and it looks so natural I feel like this is my natural smile……… It doesn’t look like I have veneers or anything else, my Lumineers aren’t big and bulky, they’re just absolutely fantastic. There isn’t a day that goes by, that someone somewhere doesn’t compliment me on my smile. Your smile is like your hair, if it’s beautiful than you are. You doing my smile over, has made me the happiest person ever, I am constantly smiling all the time; because, I now have beautiful teeth. I can be more successful, with my new smile; my new smile just gave me a more complete look. And to think it only took an hour and a half, wow. Had I gotten braces and worn them for two years, my smile still wouldn’t be this beautiful. Your staff is absolutely wonderful; your office is extremely comfortable; being able to watch television during the procedure just really made me more at ease. And before I knew it, you were finished. I have thought about doing my smile a few years back, I’m ecstatic I chose not to at that time, because I needed to find you, to have someone that is so meticulous doing something as important as your smile is really crucial. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose you, I am more than happy with my results. I will never be able to thank you enough for making me, a new me, with a beautiful smile.” Gracias very mucho.”

    – Jennifer Bell

  • "My husband cannot believe how happy LUMINEERS have made me. I can’t stop smiling! I never felt any discomfort and actually looked forward to my appointments. I love the relaxing atmosphere at Your LifeSmiles’ suite. Dr. Harnois, you are the best! Thank you.”

    — Katey Revak

  • "My experience with getting my Lumineers was excellent. All appointments were made in advance and were accompanied by an explanation of what was going to occur at each. Most importantly, however, I insisted that my teeth look absolutely natural. For that to take place the Lumineers had to match the color of my lower teeth perfectly—and they do! I have received nothing but rave reviews. From family and friends that know I had Lumineers put on to strangers that do not, I have received nothing but compliments. I hear all the time that I have really beautiful teeth. Mission accomplished! Regards.”

    – Patty Marek

  • “Dr. Harnois,
    My LUMINEERS are the best investment that I have ever made in myself. I love how much younger I look and my friends are amazed by the difference! Dr. Harnois is such a talented and caring professional. I wish that everyone could have this great experience. It has changed my life!”

    – Patricia Bennett

  • "I was looking for natural perfection and I got it!
    Dr. Harnois changed my life when he gave me the smile I’ve always wanted. My family and closest friends cannot believe that I have ten LUMINEERS on my teeth because they look so natural and thin. After going through Invisalign for six months, my upper front teeth were still overlapping.  My teeth were moving very slowly and I was tired of wearing those plastic trays every day and night.  So I decided to look for other options to fix my smile. When Dr. Harnois explained to me that I could have a natural white and straight smile in three weeks without having to cut down my teeth, I was sold immediately.  The whole process was very pleasant.  We decided that I would get ten LUMINEERS because I show my back teeth when I smile and to correct my crossed bite. Then he smoothed down the bumps of my front teeth so the LUMINEERS could fit naturally. When the LUMINEERS were custom made, he tried them over my teeth before the placement day to make sure I liked their shape and color. Once I approved the LUMINEERS, Dr. Harnois proceeded to apply them over my teeth. He was very detail oriented and gentle during the procedure. I was impressed with his talents and abilities to create a natural looking smile.  He focused on accomplishing exactly what I wanted and I’m so happy with my results! Now I smile with great confidence, my new smile has changed my life and the way I feel about myself. LUMINEERS have not only made me look my best but have strengthened my worn and chipped teeth permanently.”

    – Beatriz Chalas

  • “First I’d just like to say that I am so incredibly happy with the results from my whitening and LUMINEERS. I am absolutely loving my new smile and the best compliment I have received (over and over I might add) is that my teeth look amazing and people cannot quite put their finger on what is different other than my teeth look incredible and very white! To me that mean that Dr. Harnois truly is amazing at what he does- a true artist because I wanted to walk away from this experience feeling more confident and having a beautiful smile but not to the point where the work was obvious. I truly could not be happier with the results especially the appearance and how natural even the two lateral teeth look. A special thanks to Dr. Harnois and all of you at Your Life Smiles!  Walking in your door was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That being said, I have referred several people (acquaintances) for the sapphire whitening.   Hope all is well with you and everyone in the office. Once again, many many many thanks. From a truly happy and very satisfied client! I will continue to refer everyone to Dr. Harnois!”

    – Anonymous

  • "Dear Dr. Harnois:
    I took a chance and it worked out wonderfully.
    My wife had been encouraging me for years to improve my looks by having my teeth capped. Never bothered me, but it bothered her. I didn’t like the thought of having my teeth ground down, as was done to her.  So I saw an ad in a magazine (I never respond to ads for personal services), but you and your smile looked so assuring, I called to make an exploratory appointment. Of course, in the interim I did learn one of my contacts was your patient, and very satisfied with her veneers. You were so professional, and quite charming and reassuring, that I asked you to proceed.   I feel great – and my wife says I look great too. Thank you for providing me with such a major life change (makes me feel 15 years younger), at quite modest a cost! 

    – Howie