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Hinsdale Dentistry’s roots go back to 1969 when they first opened their doors in downtown Hinsdale. Dr. Harnois grew up in Hinsdale and is actively involved in the community. This April they moved the practice to their new state of the art, high tech facility over looking Salt Creek and Fullersburg Woods at 911 N. Elm.

Drs. Peter Harnois and Zivile Chirban graduated together from the University of IllinoIs College of Dentistry in 1982 and have been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for 30 years. Dr. Kim Dyoco joined the team at Hinsdale Dentistry in 2010. The entire team at Hinsdale Dentistry is committed to provide world class dental care for their friends and families in Hinsdale and the surrounding communities.

Hinsdale Dentistry utilizes the latest and cutting edge advanced dental technologies to provide the most gentle and least invasive treatments with natural results. This includes digital scanning of teeth to eliminate unpleasant impressions, NuCalm to naturally relax dental patients to remove their fears and anxieties while having their dental work done.

They also provide LUMINEERS, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Oral Cancer Screening, Sapphire Teeth Whitening, Botox, and Juvederm.Therapeutically, Botox can treat TMJ pain, headaches, migraines, and a gummy smile.

Drs. Harnois, Chirban and Dyoco can wash decay out of both children and adult’s teeth using an MD Waterlase. This laser eliminates pain, shots, the sound of the dental drill and allows to preserve healthy tooth structure.

Beyond Wrinkles: 5 Surprising Uses for Botox from Chicagoland Dentist

You likely already know that botulinum toxin type A, Botox, is an effective injectable that inhibits the muscle contractions that lead to expression wrinkles that may become permanent. Botox injected into the face will decrease forehead and frown lines and wrinkles around the eyes for about three or four months before it needs to be repeated.

You probably also know that Botox is often injected into the underarms, palms and soles of the feet to stop excessive sweating by paralyzing the sweat glands. But Botox has become a multipurpose medication that has many applications—both aesthetic and general health-related. Here are five other ways Botox can be used:

1. Botox for Wrinkle prevention
We usually associate Botox with an older generation who want to reverse wrinkles, but more young people are getting the injections to actually prevent the development of wrinkles by stopping the frowning or squinting that leads to them. In fact, reality TV star Kim Kardashian admitted to Botox injections before she turned 30. Be sure to thoroughly discuss the range of wrinkle-preventing options with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon before opting for the most expensive or invasive treatment.

2. Botox for Eyebrow makeover
Injecting the area above a droopy brow with Botox lifts the brow into a more youthful position and stops the muscles from pulling the brow down. Injecting Botox near the temples may create a more natural-looking brow, rather than brows that arch too high—a tell-tale sign that someone has been “over-injected.”

3. Botox for Smaller calves
Used off-label, Botox can cause lower-leg muscles to atrophy a bit, which minimizes large, bulky-looking calves.

4. Botox for Migraine relief
Botox injections may desensitize the pain receptors that lead to debilitating, chronic migraine headaches. It’s injected in several points around the head in 12-week intervals. And it’s FDA approved for this use.

5. Botox for Muscle spasms
Small doses of Botox may help people who suffer from intense muscles spasms, like those with clinched fists, uncontrollable blinking or muscle twitches, because of its ability to calm the muscle

Snap-On Smile and my father

by Dr. Peter Harnois, Chicago Dentist

My 83-year-old father had a seven-tooth bridge that I placed more than 25 years ago. Ten months ago, it finally broke and he had to have the entire bridge removed. So, we consulted with my periodontist to place seven implant fixtures.

That was the simple part. He had nursed along this slowly failing fixed prosthesis. But he was not only concerned about having a removable prosthesis that covered his palate and triggered his claustrophobia, he was worried he would find difficulty in functioning with it for an entire year while his staged surgeries unfolded.

Extractions, bone grafts, and fixture placement led him to be concerned about whether he could function properly on a daily basis — chewing, speaking, and going out in public.

This concern grew even stronger as I showed him the standard possibilities of the current landscape of interim treatment partials and flippers. So he told me, with a half-smile on his face, that if I could not come up with a solution that would work for him, he would go “toothless” and tell the world that this was the best his son (“the dentist”) could do for his father!

Then I remembered listening to Dr. Marc Liechtung’s lecture on Snap-On Smile. I realized this could be the answer my father and I were looking for — a comfortable, clasp-free, palate-free removable prosthesis that he could function with and look good in for almost a year of treatment time.

Two full PVS impressions, a full occlusal bite, and several photos later, my case was on its way to DenMat’s lab in Santa Maria, Calif. Three weeks later, I was placing one of the easiest full arch removable restorations I have ever had the pleasure of delivering. This came right after my father’s three-hour surgery at the periodontist’s office.

My dad not only accepted this easily, he looked great, spoke almost immediately with no difficulty, could eat and drink, and he was able to move on with his life.

A simple daily regimen of antibacterial drops and night-time cleansing powder in water made my normally noncompliant patient look like a rock star.

Now 10 months later, we are just seven days away from placing seven abutment fixtures and seven fixed, single crowns. His S.O.S. will be a memory, but a great memory. He loves his Snap-On Smile!

To be able to treat my father — the man who raised me, put me through dental school, and was always there for me — made me feel so good about my abilities as a general dentist.

Treating so many of my patients with Snap-On Smile now makes dentistry easy and fun again. It is the only removable prosthesis I use to treat my implant patients, and it has made me a real hero with them (and, best of all, with my dad).

Dr. Peter Harnois graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry in 1982 (thanks to his father!). He has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Hinsdale, Ill., since 1983. Visit Dr. Harnois’ website at

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The journey into total facial esthetics with Botox

by Peter Harnois, DDS | Chicago Dentist

Twenty-eight years into practicing general dentistry, my office manager and wife, Beatriz, came across an e-mail from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), I have to admit I was intrigued at the prospect of being properly trained to offer Botox and dermal fillers as services at my two dental offices in Chicago and suburban Hinsdale. What concerned me was what I thought I knew about the action of Botox. My wife told me that if I did not take the course, she would go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to have this done. Upon hearing that, I decided I could at least give up two days to take the course and better understand what all the buzz was about.

Beatriz signed me up and went as my assistant so she could better understand how to implement this into our Michigan Avenue practice. I have taken so many courses over the years since I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry. The AAFE two-day course we attended turned out to be the most organized and focused course I had ever taken. Dr. Louis Malcmacher presented and trained us in a most effective and easy-to-understand manner.

The first morning dispelled all my own myths and misconceptions about what Botox was really all about. The course covered not only the history of Botox, but its mechanism of action. I was very surprised to learn that Botox does not paralyze the muscles; rather, it decreases motor activity. I became excited when everyone from my hairdresser, Judy, to my own wife told me that if I offered this at my offices, they would be my first patients and refer their friends and family.

When we first checked out the AAFE Web site for a Level I course on Botox and dermal fillers, one thing that intrigued me the most was being able to bring our own patients to practice on. This was a tremendous advantage as we could monitor the success of the treatment and see for ourselves how these procedures worked. In all the CE I have taken over the years, I had never had the opportunity to do something like this.

One of the best parts of the morning was the facial anatomy lesson. The AAFE’s approach is anatomically based, which makes it much easier to understand how to treat patients with Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Malcmacher reminded us that dentists are the best injectors of any health-care provider, because we have been trained on proper injection techniques from the very beginning of our careers.

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Based on the anatomy, Dr. Malcmacher taught us where and how to inject each   facial area for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses, including TMJ, bruxism cases, and facial pain. There was a lot to learn: Botox reconstitution, dosing, indications, adverse reactions and how to avoid them, and more.

The hands-on, live patient session was simply outstanding! We observed and performed a wide variety of Botox procedures during the afternoon of the first day. The AAFE faculty closely supervised our initial technique, making sure we knew how much Botox we were administering, where it was going, and what it would do.

I have to admit that I was nervous at first, but as I began performing these techniques, it became immediately obvious that this was well within my skill set. I left that first day with many thoughts and ideas. I had not felt this well trained so quickly and efficiently in any course I had ever taken before. I could not wait to come back for the second day and develop yet another new skill to further my thirst for knowledge and technique for my budding practice of “Total Facial Esthetics”!

As I sat there the next morning, I started to see the scope of how this course on the use of dermal fillers was going to forever change the way I practice dentistry. We learned the chemistry, proper indications and use of dermal filler therapy and how it fills out the folds in the oral and perioral areas, as well as subtle lip augmentation for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses such as gummy smile and angular cheilitis. I learned about hyaluronic acid substances, which are quite safe and effective when used properly to volumize a person’s face and temporarily reverse the effects of aging in a natural manner.

I did not know much about what dermal fillers were, but the course material was presented logically so that I could move forward and confidently inject my first patient right after the morning lecture. Placing dermal fillers in a pain-free manner involves what we do best. Anesthetizing our patients puts us into an entirely different realm of pain control for what our own patients have been enduring with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. I have become a hero to my patients and staff who badly want this done but were previously terrified or turned off by a very painful experience with dermal fillers.

While Botox takes a few days to begin showing its effects, dermal fillers produce immediate results. It was exhilarating to see that happened as I injected the dermal filler Juvederm into my patient. What can be done with this product when used by a properly trained clinician opens up another rewarding and lucrative dental procedure that can be easily implemented into our daily operation. Who better to enhance someone’s smile than a dentist, who studies smiles on a daily basis.

By the end of the second day, I was prepared to implement these new procedures into my practice. We received well-organized, easy-to-understand training manuals to which I often refer, plus all of the forms to give to patients for pre- and postoperative instructions, including consent forms. We also received a clear list of materials we needed to get started. All we had to do was call our supply company, and we were ready to go! There was no expensive starter kit to purchase or complicated process to put into action.

There are so many areas of dentistry that require a huge initial capital investment, which prevents many dentists from diving in. However, this is not the case with Botox and dermal fillers. All you need is the education and live patient experiences so that you will become well trained. The cost of the adjunctive materials you need to buy is literally pennies per patient; the cost of the Botox and dermal fillers directly relate to the patient fee.

Once I completed my training with the AAFE, my public relations and marketing juices were flowing. I already had a well-established patient base and could not wait to get back to the office to start training my staff and educating my patients about our new service! I walked out of that course all fired up to start offering this service as soon as possible.

The buzz that was created at my Hinsdale office when I told them I was taking a two-day training course on Botox and dermal fillers totally caught me by surprise. My staff of 13 all told me how much they wanted to be my first patients. I had never seen them so excited by a job “perk.” Who doesn’t want to look younger? What was even more revealing to me was the fact that they would only have this type of procedure done if it was from someone they knew and trusted. I realized I would look at my patient base differently from then on, and I saw an entirely new and exciting opportunity for my practice.

One year later, we have established ourselves as a leader in our area, providing Botox and dermal fillers within my general dental practice. We have expanded our patient base and production in a very healthy and positive way. Our patients keep referring their friends and family because the word is out that we are “the office” to have this procedure done in the most comfortable and thorough manner. When we call our patients the night of their procedure to see how they are doing, they are in shock and tell us the medical offices they went to before never did that. The forms we print out from the course CD allow us to show our patients how much we care about them.

Like anything else, once you begin in a new area of expertise, you want to continue to grow. I have since been to the AAFE Level II course, which has allowed me to add even more services to my office. I also use their training DVDs as a reference and for staff training. I watch these regularly so I can provide the best possible care and results for my patients. It is a wonderful review system.

My practice has always emphasized minimally invasive dentistry, whether it be caries risk, veneers, or periodontal and restorative procedures. By taking the AAFE courses, I have become a real hero in the eyes of my patients, staff, and family. I am producing more per hour with these procedures than almost any other procedure I offer, and I am also expanding my patient base. This is such fun, and at 54 I feel rejuvenated again. These courses have altered my career path forever!

Dr. Peter Harnois runs two successful esthetic practices at One Magnificent Mile in Chicago and in suburban Hinsdale, Ill. A nationally recognized leader in minimally invasive total facial esthetic techniques, he was an assistant professor of oral diagnosis at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a faculty member and fellow of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

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New Beauty: Dr. Peter Harnois | Chicago Dentist Profile

A True Visionary

With a practice in Downtown Hinsdale and now one in Chicago, Dr. Peter T. Harnois redefined what a trip to the dentist entails through his use of cutting-edge, homeopathic LUMINEERS. With 28 years of experience and an approach that eliminates the use of shots and drills, Dr. Harnois is a go-to dentist for 21st-century smile rejuvenation via the use of contact lens-thin LUMINEERS and zero-sensitivity Sapphire™ tooth whitening.

Focusing his practice on LUMINERS, Dr. Harnois offers individualized results. “Unlike conventional veneers, which can require the dentist to grind away sensitive tooth structure, we specialize in LUMINERS, which are stain-free, reversible and permanently bonded over patients’ teeth,” he says of his two visit procedure that can correct chipped, gapped, crooked, worn, fanged and uneven teeth. “Clinically proven to last over 20 years, requiring no temporary restorations and mor translucent than traditional veneers, there is simply no better option for patients nowadays,” he says. Having performed LUMINEERS on his daughter, wife and niece, Dr. Harnois treats every patient like family. In terms of in-office tooth whitening, he favors Sapphire technology, which can brighten teeth seven shades in 30 minutes.

“Unlike UV-based whitening that can cause a slight burn to the surrounding skin, Sapphire Professional Whitening uses a plasma light to gently whiten natural teeth and cosmetic restorations,” says Dr. Harnois, who lectures internationally and trains other dentists on how to properly place them.

To uphold his regard for patients’ well-being, Dr. Harnois offers courtesy concierge services for out-of-town LUMINEERS guests. His complimentary concierge menu includes airfare and hotel accommodations, a chauffeur to and from the airport, ticket arrangements for local sporting events, shows and tours, and post-treatment spa and salon services. “I don’t believe care should start and end with treatment, which is why I also provide out-of-town LUMINERS patients with a maintenance kit and 10-year warranty.”

Dr. Peter T. Harnois

Chairside style Open, honest, approachable and sincere Favorite part of your job The joy I bring to so many people. Many patients are brought to tears when they see their results for the first time. The emotional outpouring is incredible Hobbies Tennis, bird watching and supporting environmental causes Alternative occupation Field biologist I start each day Swimming, at 4:30 in the morning I’m never without A positive outlook and regard for how I can take the best possible care of my patients

Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Illinois at Chicago

College of Dentistry


Member, Den-Mat® Advisory Board

International Lecturer, Den-Mat

Key Option Leader, Lumi neers

Procedures performed

Smile Makeovers

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Lumi neers / LU MITray Procedures


Chicago, Illinois




Leading the Field

When patients visit the spa-like dental office of Dr. Harnois, they are in for a star-treatment environment, starting with COMPLIMENTARY VALET PARKING upon arrival. Each patient is scheduled with ample time in between to ensure there is NO WAITING TIME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT . Replete with computer areas for patients’ use, massage dental chairs, ceiling-mounted flat-screen televisions, wood-grain floors, cherry wood cabinets, and residential-style décor, patients are made to feel like they are in a plush, cozy home as opposed to a dental office. “My philosophy involves giving patients the most natural-looking smile in the least-invasive way,” says Dr. Harnois—who uses LUMISmile™ technology to create DIGITAL SMILE PREVIEWS of what patients can expect to look like after their LUMINERS ® procedures. “Patients can pick their teeth’s shades, sizes and colors, and visualize their final outcomes. The procedure is custom-tailored to each patient. No guesswork is ever involved.”

“We use the innovative LUMINERS delivery system called LUMIT ray™, a procedure that allows us to apply over eight upper- or lower-arch contact lens-thin Luminers all at once, reducing the time and cost involved.”

As Seen In:

Chicagoland Dentist, Dr. Peter Harnois in ABC 7 News

ABC 7 News

November 19, 2009 by Sylvia Perez and Christine Tressel (WLS)

A trip to the dentist’s chair can put a lot of people into a state of panic. Some people resort to sedatives or other medication. Others deal with their anxiety by not going to the dentist at all.

However, there is an alternative relaxation method that could bring people back to the chair. An unusual technique is being tested by some dentists that promises to ease anxiety and calm the brain naturally so patients can sit through a procedure without feeling sick with fear.

It may be the drill or the sight of the needle. Whatever the trigger, dental anxiety is real.

“I’m always worried is he going to hit a nerve and the Novocain isn’t going to work,” said dental patient Laura Morse.

Morse has spent a lot of time at the dentist. Until today, she fought the fear on her own.

“I’m always clenching my hands you know right in my lap,” said Morse.

A new kind of relaxation technique, Comfort Centered Care, hopes to address these anxieties. Dentist Peter Harnois believes it’s going to revolutionize the field of dentistry.

“A drug free, side effect free natural process that they can walk away from feeling refreshed and rejuvenated,” said Peter Harnois, DDS.

It works in three phases. First, the patient takes something which helps induce a calming effect called Gamma Amino Butyramino Butyricaba and ltheanine. Both are naturally occurring compounds found in the brain.

Then it’s time for step two. The Cranial Electrostimulation Device or CES. It’s been around for decades and is already FDA approved to treat anxiety. It delivers a very light electric current.

“It powers about one millionth of an amp through the brain opening up the receptors saying there’s gaba present, lock and key, let’s start relaxing,” said James Poole, CEO Solace Solutions.

Step three is music mixed with special frequencies designed to move brainwaves into a pattern similar to what happens before we fall asleep. Finally, the patient puts on dark glasses to block out visual stimulation.

“You don’t fall asleep but you get in state that you are so relaxed there is no more fear and anxiety. It takes us about seven to ten minutes to get to that level,” said Poole.

UIC Health psychlogist Sheela Raja said even simple distraction techniques from TVs to music can work wonders in the dental chair.

“Get a morning appointment it will keep stress from building throughout the day and above all let the dentist know your fears,” said Raja.

She warns no one technique will work for everyone but researchers are still looking

“I think we are at an exciting time right now in terms of brain research and leaning more about the relaxation response and it’s relationship to brain chemistry,” said Sheela Raja, University of Illinois Medicine Center at Chicago.

Through the drilling and suctioning Laura seemed at peace. Dr. Hanois will work for the company training others how to use this technique. He says getting patients this relaxed also makes treatment easier and faster.

“No more nitrous oxide, no more Valium, no more conscious sedation,” said Hanois.

This will not eliminate the needle or anesteics but could make the whole experience less traumatic.

“I feel very relaxed more so than I thought I would,” said Morse.

There are only a few dentist’s using this comfort centered care technique because it is so new. the makers are also looking into using this to treat people with other anxiety disorders.

Solace Solutions, LLC

Peter Harnois, DDS

Mr. USA: Miles of smiles

by Andrew Davis | Windy City Times | 2009-03-25



The reigning Mr. USA, Ivan Rusilko, can’t stop smiling at me.

However, attraction is not the reason Rusilko is constantly flashing his pearly whites. We are in the Magnificent Mile office of Dr. Peter Harnois, and the cosmetic dentist has just fitted Rusilko with instantly whitening Lumineers, patented porcelain veneers that don’t have users looking like Mr. Ed, as Rusilko’s photos will attest. ( For more information on LUMINERS, see

After finding a corner, fitness model/wine steward/musician/medical student Rusilko talked about the Mr. USA contest, Lumineers and being a Rafael Nadal lookalike.

Windy City Times: How often are you mistaken for [ Spanish pro tennis player ] Rafael Nadal?

Ivan Rusilko: Oh, my God! It is hilarious! I was at New York City’s Fashion Week last September, and it was the first time I was on the scene. I was sitting there, acting all Joe Cool, with the sunglasses. Right after the show was over, people asked if they could take my picture. Finally, someone leans over and says, “Kick [ tennis player Roger ] Federer’s ass tomorrow.”

WCT: Has anyone asked you for an autograph, and you signed his name?

IR: Oh, yeah—once or twice. The way I look at it, it makes their day. They’ll never know. It’s not like I’m out there endorsing stuff.

WCT: And you know what? There are worse people to be compared to.

IR: That’s exactly right! [ Laughs ] But, yes, I get that everywhere I go.

WCT: Meadville, Penn.: Where is it and what was it like growing up there?

IR: It’s an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh. Growing up there? There were more cows in the town than people. I grew up milking cows, shoveling shit, baling hay. I played hockey, and hockey’s what it’s known for. I was a nice place to grow up as a kid; it’s very family-oriented.

[ Also, ] Sharon Stone is from there; we’ve never met, though. It’s also the home of the zipper.

WCT: I’m not touching that one.

IR: [ Laughs ] Fair enough.

WCT: Now, how did you hear about the Mr. USA competition?

IR: I was a model before, and was contacted by the owner; he said he liked my profile, including that I’m a fourth-year medical student. I thought about: I hadn’t been to Boston, my mom had never been there. I just thought we’d go and have a good time, but we ended up winning and having a really good time.

WCT: What happens during the competition?

IR: It’s modeled after the Miss America pageant. There’s the evening wear [ portion ] ; there’s the interview part, which is key; and then there’s the swimsuit portion. This was actually the first year they had a competition for it; I’m the first elected one. The [ previous ] two [ Mr. USAs ] were cast.

WCT: How did this marriage with you and LifeSmiles come about?

IR: I was at a fashion show in Puerto Rico, and [ Your LifeSmiles’ Beatriz Chalas ] is from there. I was referred to her, and she referred me here. It worked out well.

WCT: The Lumineers look great. What’s the difference between those and standard veneers?

IR: With regular veneers, they’ll take your teeth and shave [ off the enamel ] and build them back up. With these, it’s like putting a contact in your eye; it’s that easy. It’s non-invasive and absolutely amazing, and they last for about 20 years.

WCT: You’re all of these different things: model, wine steward, medical student and so on. Do you see yourself concentrating on just one career? Do you think you’re spreading yourself too thin?

IR: That’s funny, because I just picked up a manager in Los Angeles. I’m now hearing, “It’s amazing that you can do all that stuff, but now you have to concentrate on one or two things.” Now, I’m trying to weed things out, so being a musician is now a hobby and being a wine taster is more of a social thing. I love having my fingers in a lot of pies, but I’m now concentrating on the TV and acting thing.

WCT: On your Web site, you have this item called “Club Ivan.” What is that?

IR: Basically, people [ for a certain fee ] can hunt or fish or do something else with me. You get a lot of weird offers, though; I have a lot of people helping me weed people out. Trust me, I’ve heard it all.

Haute Health


Dr. Peter Harnois, nationally renowned Chicago LUMINEERS specialist, will safely correct and protect your smile and change your life. LUMINEERS create permanently whiter, reshaped, and natural looking smiles without shots, temporaries, or downtime.

Visit Your LifeSmiles™ and preview your LUMINEERS smile with a custom LumiSmile digital image during your complimentary consultation.

Rated the #1 cosmetic dental product. Call 630.323.4468

Michigan Avenue Magazine

Choice Chompers

A technological breakthrough is mak-ing dramatic dental makeovers easier than ever. Your Life Smiles, the country’s only dental boutique dedicated solely to Lumineers, recently unveiled LumiTray—a procedure that allows Dr. Peter Harnois to apply up to eight contact lens-thin LUMINERS over exist-ing teeth at once. The result: a bright and symmetrical smile.

Your Life Smiles, 911 N. Elm, Suite 230, Hinsdale, IL 60521 | (630) 323-4468