Chicagoland dentist reveals the truth behind LUMINEERS…Ask The LUMINEERS Expert

Posted Tuesday, June28, 2012 by Your LifeSmile Staff

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With over 25 years of experience and an approach that eliminates the use of shots and temporaries, Chicago and Hinsdale dentist Dr. Peter Harnois is the go-to-dentist for the 21st- century smile rejuvenation via the use of contact lens-thin LUMINEERS. His philosophy is to give patients the most natural appearance without damaging their healthy tooth structure. Dr. Harnois lectures internationally about LUMINEERS and trains other dentists at his Hinsdale dental office.

Q. I’ve being told by my dentist that the LUMINEERS would look thick and bulky. Is it true?

A. I have placed LUMINEERS on hundreds of patients including my own daughter and two of my sisters.

After using every veneer system over the past 25 years I find that LUMINEERS, when properly placed, look and feel the most natural of all!

Q. I’ve heard that because LUMINEERS are so thin, they are prone to chip, pop off and crack. Is that true?

A. I have mastered the skills and techniques to make LUMINEERS the most reliable and longest lasting option for my patients.

LUMINEERS are made from the strongest pressed ceramic in the market today and when properly cemented and the right maintenance they will not chip or crack. They are not prone to popping off like traditional veneers.

Q. How long do LUMINEERS last?

A. LUMINEERS have been proven to last over 20 years and is the only veneer product with an unprecedented warranty. There is no need to replace them every ten years unlike the traditional porcelain veneers. They will not stain and will maintain a natural translucency over the years.

Not only have LUMINEERS been proven to strengthen worn, aging teeth, but can also be placed over any existing unsightly dental work including crowns, bridges or without having to remove them.

Q. How can patients afford cosmetic dentistry in these difficult economic times?
A. LUMINEERS and LUMITray offer a range of budget friendly options and interest-free financing. With LUMINEERS I have the ability to treat anything from only two teeth combined with teeth whitening and give my patients an affordable smile makeover that meets their expectations and desire.

Q. What is the typical patient’s reaction after you have completed their smile makeover with LUMINEERS?
A. To be honest with you, many patients are in shock at first because they can’t believe that they have this beautiful LUMINEERS smile without shots, pain or temporaries.

So many of their friends and family tell my patients how great they look and how natural their results are.

My patients 50 and over, who had severely worn teeth, tell me how their new smile makes them feel younger and healthier.

Q. Why should our readers consider you for their smile makeover?

A. For the past 25 years of practicing and teaching cosmetic dentistry in Chicago and Hinsdale, I have always used the best possible products for my patients.

I spend as much time as is necessary with every one of my patients to show them all the possibilities. We do digital smile makeovers, full diagnostic wax-ups and show all the possible shades and shapes for each individual person.

I love what I do and consider it an honor and a privilege to make each individual person look and feel their best! All this in the least invasive and conservative way.

Even dentists come in to my Hinsdale dental office from around the country to have me place their LUMINEERS. They want to have their smile makeover done for the LUMINEERS expert.

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